Valenza Family

Betsey, John, Ethan and Jack

Hello, and thanks for checking up on us. As you can see our family recently grew by one, with the addition of Ethan. We are still in Massachusetts, living 8 miles north of Boston, in Melrose. We love it! Boston is a great area for raising a family. I am still employed by Schlumberger, the leading oilfield services provider. My responsibilities include working on research projects focused on technical issues relevant to the business of identifying, characterizing and producing fossil fuels. The recent discovery of indegenous natural gas in North America has energized the energy community in America, and Schlumberger is no different. I hope to have a publication on the material in which this natural gas is stored, shale, by the end of 2010.

To see a list of my publshable work, visit my publications page.

That's about it -

I hope you are doing well - Drop us a line if you have the time: John